Pipe Bands – J Dick

Athletics, Heavy Events, Cycling and Wrestling – S Forsyth

Dancing – Miss A Bain

Field Layout and Equipment – S Forsyth, R Milne, H Gauld, D MaCallum Jnr., J Inglis, Aaron Zipp

Security and Gates – J Jarvie and S Jarvie

Catering – A Malcolm

Commentary – A Laird and I Catchcart

Medical Officer – Chris Hunter

Trophies – F Henderson

Sponsorship, Publicity and Field Lets – A Laird

Treasurer and Advertising – G Hall

Secretary – G Scott

Programme – A Laird

Main Stand – J Jarvie

Reception – J Gauld

Car Parks – R McConnell and A Gardner

Hospitality – J Henderson

Bars – J Inglis

Property – R McConnell

First Aid – British Red Cross Society (Stirling)