Name of Trophy Donor Events, etc.
Donaldson Late Mrs Grace Donaldson 100 metres flat
Richardson Late Francis Richardson 16lb Shot
Dr Welsh Cup Late Dr W H Welsh 400 metres flat
Flockart Memorial Late Mr & Mrs R H Flockart Pipe Band grade 1 (2nd)
Anderson Shield Mrs Jas Anderson Pipe Band grade 1 (3rd)
Scobbie Late Mr Geo Scobbie Best Lady Competitor
Margaret Mason Late Miss Margaret Mason Dancing Adult 16 years and over
Abramson Abramson & Son Wrestling – Scottish Championship 11st 7lb
Bastable F Bastable & Son Best Youth Competitor
Royal Bank of Scotland Royal Bank of Scotland Pipe Band grade 2 (1st)
Bank of Scotland Bank of Scotland 3200 metres flat
Hastie Quaich Late Mr H T Hastie Pipe Band – Best Band
Marching & Discipline (2nd)
Secretary’s Trophy Mr Jas Bowden 1600 metres flat
Gauld Memorial Late Mrs J Gauld and Family Tossing the Caber
Innes Late Mr J A Innes 22lb Hammer Scot style
Buchanan Mr J Buchanan Pipe Band grade 2 (2nd)
Allan Late Mr R T Allan Pipe Band grade 3 (1st)
Strathallan Strathallan Meeting Limited Pipe Band grade 4 (2nd)
Graham Robertson Memorial Mr John Cooper Triple Jump (Open)
Burgh of Bridge of Allan Rose Bowl Bridge of Allan Town Council Drum-Majors Contest
Bastable Jubilee Trophy Mr F Bastable Pipe Band grade 1 (1st)
Mrs G Scobbie Trophy Mrs G Scobbie 3200 metres Cycling
Graham Jubilee Trophy Mr and Mrs R Graham Pipe Band grade 3 (2nd)
Gourlay Trophy Late Mr A J Gourlay 1600 metres Cycling
Georgina Lindsay Mr & Mrs J Lindsay Pipe Band grade 4 (1st)
Neave/Hood Trophy G N S Neave Dancing under 13 years
Gillie Henderson Memorial Shield Mr & Mrs J Cooper 200 metres flat
William Ironside Trophy Late M W Ironside Pipe Band grade 2 (3rd)
William Gorrie Memorial Trophy Mr & Mrs WG Watt Dancing (competitor under 13 from Central Region with most points)
Hamish Duncan Trophy Mr & Mrs H Duncan 800 metres flat
Turnbull Trophy DHS Turnbull 800 metres Youths flat race
David Sinclair Trophy Late Mrs M Sinclair Long Jump
Muirhead Mr & Mrs A Muirhead Open Wrestling
Duncan Robertson Drummond Trophy Mr & Mrs J Mayer Dancing (under 16 years)
The Ballantine’s Trophy George Ballantine & Son Pipe Band, Best Band, Marching and Discipline (1st)
Strathallan Heavyweight Championship Mr & Mrs J S Forsyth Most points in all heavy events
Sandy Thomson Trophy Irvine Pipe Band Best Novice Juvenile Pipe Band
The Valerie Bastable Memorial Cup Mr & Mrs F Bastable Dancing (competitor under 16 from Central Region with most points)
The George Dobbie Memorial Trophy Kirkintilloch Pipe Band Pipe Band grade 4 (3rd)